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More than just an inspection

I excel at helping 1st time home buyers learn more about the home they are buying and the ownership process.

When people buy a home for the first time it is a very significant event in their lives. Many times it is exciting but can be a scary too. It is so important to align yourself with a well qualified, licensed inspector. It is just as important to connect with an inspector that communicates well, understands what you are going through and can go the extra mile to assist you through this process. For some people the process goes smoothly. For others it won’t. You will have no idea before you get into the process and then it’s too late.

Turnkey Inspection Services has been known for years as a leader in the field of home inspections with a proven understanding of the “art of doing inspections”.

There are two parts to an inspection process. First there is the science end of the inspection which includes the investigation and evaluation process. This is extremely important to assure that the inspector has the qualifications, training of what to find but also what this means to you as a first time buyer, financially as well as the scope of the work needed based on the overall condition of the home. Then there is the art of the inspection. This is how to relay the information to you in a way that you, your attorney, your realtor and the seller can understand, know what your needs are and put that first throughout the inspection.

This is where I excel and why I get so many referrals from past clients, realtors and attorneys because I do more than inspect. I educate and care for each client!


For Service Members

In addition to serving my community as an inspector, I am also a state-certified firefighter and would like to extend my gratitude to other service members’ dedication and sacrifice with a special discount to active military, veterans, police, fire and EMS personnel.

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